Monday, May 24, 2010

How about a Pond?

That's how these things always start.  Just a simple musing.

We had one area that had not really been landscaped.  There used to be a ginormous wood pile and ancient sheep pen there.  When we finally had it moved, I was left with this huge ugly area.  I considered an oriental type garden, a grass garden, but finally one day I thought, "Hey, how about a pond?"

I had visions of hubby and I out there with our shovels digging a sweet little six foot pond. Our friend, who owns a landscape materials business, got wind of the idea.  My husband teaches music to both the friend and his step-son.  Our friend quailed at the thought of poor hubby doing any damage to his famous and talented body.  Hmmmmm - worried about moi?  Not so much!

Here's what happened yesterday (Sunday.)  Friend arrived with one of his front loaders (after first dumping a load of gravel on the entrance to our private road and smoothing it over.)

First scoop:

Now that's what I call a shovel

Off he goes to deliver the soil to another project I just started.  

I killed an area of grass on the other side of the herb garden for a planting area.  I really wanted it mounded a bit.  Eureka.  Soil for the mound.

Looking back across the herb garden toward the new pond area

The hole grows

and grows...

and keeps right on growing...

Next he scooted down to a friend's landscape place and trundled back with the sand. On his second sand trip he grabbed all the liner the poor guy had in his store.

Out goes the liner...

Voila!  This is how a 6 foot pond idea turns into a 30 x 20 foot pond in one and a half hours

Oh look.  There's even water in it... heh

Next I have to silicone glue the seams, fill it with water, let it settle for a few days, and add the rocks around the edge.  Then I can shop for plants and critters and finish the landscaping. 

My goal is to have a natural pond without pumps.  Worse comes to worse, there is electricity in the tool shed and we can always throw a bubbler in to move the water.  I have been diligently studying pond ecology for months so I think I can keep it natural.

And the bonus?  

My new planter area is ready for the landscape fabric which I wisely purchased at Costco almost two months ago.  The bark is piled next to the two manure piles.  I have one bridal wreath shrub already and will commence to shop in earnest for the remaining plants.

Just so you know - I did my fair share of digging, smoothing, and raking.  I had to nap for two hours after lunch to recover.


MightyMom said...

That's neat but it looks shallow like the sand filled it up. And for a clean pond snails. Catfish. Our house had a koi pond when we moved in. It was hard liner though. We couldn't keep the filter clean often enough Once we had kids we got rid of the pond.

Teri said...

Black dirt... I am soooo jealous!!!

Susan said...

Wow, Adrienne. That's going to be quite a pond! Can't wait to see the finished product. Surrounded by all your gorgeous plants, it's going to look fabulous! Sincerely, Susan

Adrienne said...

Teri - the soil isn't all that great. We have a lot of clay in our soil. That's why the two piles of manure and compost. I also have nine 4 x 4 compost bins made out of pallets going year round. And as for the main crop of North Idaho? That would be rocks.

Adrienne said...

MM- It's actually deeper than it looks in the pictures. I didn't want a real deep pond. This is actually about 3 feet deep. We're not planning on fish so 3 feet was sufficient.

Adrienne said...

Susan - I consider myself to be officially certifiably insane with this projects.