Saturday, May 22, 2010

A word about comments, a clarification about Oriental Lilies, and the "lowly" Petunia in the scented garden...

About Comments

 Many of you may have stumbled upon my other blog, Adrienne's Corner, which is conservative politics.  When I started this blog (I call it my girlie blog), I was struck by the difference in what was considered "proper."  Political bloggers do not consider it de rigueur to comment on posts.  I plow through about 500 posts per day and read most of them on my Google reader.  Time does not always permit me to log on to each individual blog and comment. 

When a blog is read on a RSS feed, such as Google Reader, a service such as Feedburner will give the blog owner the number of people that are "reading" their blog.  I don't use Feedburner, but I do have a statcounter that tells me who actually logs on to my blog.

Guess what?  That's perfectly sufficient for this gal.  While I like comments, I hereby declare it "ok" not to leave a comment on this blog.  I'm busy and I'm sure you're busy.  Now if you have additional information, a question, or a great link to share, that's different.  Or... if you're really, really driven to tell me how cool I am, have at it!  But if you're behind on your day (I'm still in my robe and it's 2:33 pm - really!) enjoy the post and get on with your day. 

About those Oriental Lilies and an apology...

Since I have been gardening since I was old enough to stand up (thanks, Mom), I sometimes take things entirely for granted.  I just assume things, and you know what they say about that word assume.  Anyhoo, an Oriental lily as well as an Asiatic lily are bulbs.  A daylily (which is not always orange or yellow) has roots.  We'll talk about daylilies and all the wonderful varieties next week.  In the meantime the lilies you see pictured on my site are daylilies.

Petunias in the scented garden...

 I love petunias.  I've already planted all my pots and the primary flower is always petunias.  The colors are magnificent and wonderfully scented. I just ran outside (in my robe) with the wind blowing in a rain storm to try and take some pictures of my newly planted petunias.  Not such a great idea.

So here's two of the only little itty-bitty plants that had a bloom:

Some random pictures I was able to capture in the wind and impending rain...

I love the color of this impatien:

My purple and white iris are always the first to open:

The window box ledge my hubby put up for me a few days ago.  That's his office window that faces out on the new "lower patio" area which is still being worked on.  Two brackets, a few slabs of old wood, and some plastic pots from Big Lots that got the "aging" treatment.  In just weeks the flowers will be cascading over the sides of the pots.  Also in a few weeks the Rosa Rugosa will be smashing into the shelf just as the Siberian Iris are already doing.  I'll deal with that little problem when the time comes.

Got one of these laying about?

They make great hanging planters.  I put plastic pots in each basket and stuffed Spanish moss in to hide the pots.  By the middle of summer you'll hardly be able to see the baskets.


If like Susan you have been unable to find Evening Scented Stock seeds, I found an online source - Mama's Garden House has them.  There are also many sources on ebay. 


Susan said...

Oh Adrienne, thanks for going out into the rain to take those lovely photos.

Also, thanks a million again for those seeds. I can't WAIT to get them. I'm going to put them in pots on my side porch and wait for the gorgeous smell.

Do they need a lot of sun? Also, will they come up every year or do they live for the season and then go kaput? Just curious.

Your petunias look great. Sincerely, Susan

Adrienne said...

Susan - Evening Scented Stocks are annuals and have to be replanted every year. While straightening my seed caddy I found a bunch left over from last year. Yahoo!

I love planting seeds. My entire cutting garden is seeded. Tomorrow I'll spend hours and hours just planting seeds in the cutting garden - zinnias, nicotiana, marigolds, cosmos, poppies, regular stocks, moss rose, sunflowers, white alyssam, glad bulbs and so many more I can't even remember.

MightyMom said...

love me some petunias!
and I INSIST that you come and comment on my blog! I need all thehits I can get! ;-)