Monday, October 12, 2009

Bookcase Work Continues

Journey of a Bookcase - Part Deux

One of the items on my Ten Tasks for Ten Days (otherwise known as the kick in the rear patoot challenge from Gina over at the Shabby Chic Cottage), was to finally finish my bookcases in the living room.  In Part One you were able to see the shelves in complete disarray (horrible sight!)  That was almost two months ago. As you can see, I'm not one to rush into things.

I finally took everything off the shelves and started the painting. As soon as I'm through with this post I'll finish the back of the shelves.  The shelves themselves are completely painted. Doing a task randomly is the hallmark of a person with ADD.  But guess what? It gets done, and that's all that matters.

A Note on the Bookcase:

I'm a huge fan of standards and brackets. This wall in the living room was completely useless.  The hall is directly to the right which meant you couldn't put any furniture there unless you wanted to climb over a chair to get into the living room. So up went 8" deep shelves on standards and brackets. I talked my hubby into slamming up end pieces to enclose them and he added crown molding on the top. Voila - shelves that look built in.

I clamped two inexpensive lamps (I think they were $5.00 on sale at Wally World) on the crown molding for spot lights.

Arrrrrgh!  Big pile of books in middle of room.
One thing that has made the painting less than fun is the wood stove.  It's right next to shelves and my hubby has been starting fires early in the morning.  I'm trying to tell myself I'm really in an expensive spa having a steam bath. So far it's not working!

Next I get to do the fun part of arranging the books.  A reward for sure!!

Arranging Bookshelves Info:

If you didn't sign up for the last challenge at  The Shabby Chic Cottage, Gina will be starting a new challenge soon.  It probably won't be quite so, well, challenging!


Lola said...

I love taking a break from the "news" and dropping by to see your projects.

Your 'built-ins' look really high-end to me. What is it about crown molding that dresses a room up?

Your wood floor is gorgeous. The parquet wood 'shimmers' in that last photo. I love the lighter woods since you can see the shimmer in the grain.

I am overwhelmed by books myself. I am in the middle of weeding my families books. I have to remind myself often, that I don't need to own a book, I can borrow it from the library. (But, longer I live, many of the books I keep aren't easy to find on library shelves. Such as "When technology fails". Try checking that one out in a crisis.)

Jennifer said...

I love your new blog design!!

belinda said...

Dear Miss Adrienne, will you be alphabetizing those books or will they be put into some sort of order by color? Just wondering. ;)

belinda said...

Dear Lola, I have the book... When all hell breaks lose". I had read most of it until he talked about how to kill and prep a mouse for dinner, over an outdoor fire of course. I put the book down and decided that I wanted to die first.

Adrienne said...

Belinda - I prefer my mice deep fried and served with a hot and spicy dipping sauce.

No order by color and I sh*tcanned the stupid covers I had started to make. They are on the shelf by category - much like a library...

Adrienne said...

Lola - If you think taking a break from the news is good, you should be in my brain....

I'll post about the floor. This is my third home and third parquet floor...

Lola said...

I posted my comment before you unvieled the new look of your Blog.

It is lovely. 8-)