Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Journey of the Bookcase
Part One

Now that is one ugly bunch of stuff crammed unto a bookshelf. This is the last big part of my painting and re-doing of the living room and everything in the bookcase is already in disarray. The paper rolls are there because I saw some pictures of bookshelves where the books had all been covered in neutral paper. Being a bit nuts, I decided that was a splendid idea and I started to cover my books. Arrrrrrrrgh! Not all that much fun (to put it in family friendly language).

I also learned the trick of putting paperback books in photo boxes. Lets face it - paperbacks are a bit ugly and the box idea was a winner in my mind since I love boxes.

I'll be covering some of the boxes with different paper. I love ephemera (including stamps), and have kept much of the mail sent to my husbands business over the years from all over the world. I used some of that to cover this photo box.

Next Step:

Everything will have to come off the shelves while I paint the back a lovely shade called Agate. The shelves themselves will be pulled out and painted Arnica, which is a shade of white with a hint of yellow. Very bright and a match to the woodwork and ceiling.

While the paint is drying I'll finish covering the books (or I may abandon that idea as sheer insanity), and then I can have fun arranging everything.


Terry Nelson said...

I didn't know you had another blog! I love boxes too - I collect them. I should paint one and send it to you. I'd need your address for that though - and I don't know when I'd ever finish it.

MightyMom said...

girl. I stopped making brown paper covers for my books in the 6th grade!! hated it then hate it now. and I REALLY don't like the look of a bunch of covered books with hand written titles....no matter how pretty your writing is. each book is different...and as such adds to the prettiness of the shelf. I like the proposed paint job. want to do that to my shelves but my hubby has vetoed the project on principle.

now if those were my shelves.... (bewarned..you're gonna hate this)

all the books would go down the middle, no boxes or anything all alphabatized by author's last name. Then the pretties would be arranged on either side...symmetrically (or at least balanced)

if you MUST put the paperbacks in the boxes then they can go on the outsides....but there must be a label on the outside of the box that tells which books it holds.

I probably should have been a librarian huh?

Agnes B Bullock said...

Love the idea of using photo boxes for paperbacks - now that our stuff has arrived, will get some for ALL of the paperbacks.