Sunday, February 27, 2011

Secret Sunday

From Seth's Blog:

Wonder and Anger

It's hard to imagine two emotions more different from one another.

And yet one can easily replace the other. A sense of wonder and grinding anger can't co-exist.

Great innovations, powerful interactions and real art are often produced by someone in a state of wonder. Looking around with stars in your eyes and amazement at the tools that are available to you can inspire generosity and creativity and connection.

Anger, on the other hand, merely makes us smaller.


Susan said...

Great photo, Adrienne, and thought-provoking words. Nice job! Susan

Adrienne said...

Quite true! Thank you for sharing it with us.

And I see you have a profile picture up of yourself. Very pretty!

Adrienne said...

Susan - one of our sunsets. I never get tired of them.

Adrienne said...

Adrienne - not near as pretty as your new sexy picture! Wowzers!

Besides - people were really starting to believe I was a talking, typing dog.

I do need a new picture. My hair is much longer now (helps cover my sagging jawline.)