Monday, January 10, 2011

Living the Savvy Life Review

Living the Savvy Life
The Savvy Woman's Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living

Melissa Tosetti, author of Living the Savvy Life, has done a remarkable job of making what many think is a complicated and boring subject not only easy to understand, but actually fun.  While the book is chock full of ways to save money it is, more importantly, about how to live richly and enjoy your life to the fullest.

The first five chapters cover how money affects everything, the philosophy of the "savvy life", our habits, where we spend our money,  and the golden rule - "spend less than you make."

The following chapters give you concrete ways in which to do this.  There are chapters on home, entertainment, wardrobe, and food.  Melissa teaches about savvy shopping and gives us tricks to stay motivated.

Chapter 12, "What is Important to You", was one of my favorites.  It gives you a blueprint to work through to help you define in what areas you life is working and identifying the areas that may need a bit of attention.

Listen to what Melissa says in the beginning of Chapter 12:
"You may have a general idea of what is important to you.  You might have goals that you want to focus your spending on such as a house, a dream vacation, or something as simple as updating your wardrobe.  As you have already learned, defining those goals and writing them down will help you achieve them faster.  But have you ever sat down and looked at your life as a whole and how you want to live it - then planned your spending to achieve it?"

"This type of thought and planning allows you to live a more purposeful life.  Instead of going where the wind takes you, you have control and can direct your life according to where you want to go. Of course you want to be flexible and leave room for serendipitous moments, but having a design in mind for what you want your life to be like and how to achieve it is powerful."
Melissa proceeds to give us wonderful questions to work through in order to help us define who we are and what we want out of life.

Her Favorite Resources in the back of the book is a goldmine of excellent and motivational reading, including many of my favorites.  

I'll leave you with this wonderful quote from the closing page of Melissa's book:
Remember that Living the Savvy Life isn't just about money.  It's about turning your home into a sanctuary.  It's about taking pleasure in every moment of your time off.  It's about building a wardrobe and beauty routine that make you feel gorgeous.  It's about nourishing your body and soul with delicious food.

Your are the artist and a savvy life is yours to create.

Melissa's website

And while you're at Amazon allow me recommend Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley, aka FlyLady.  Melissa loves Flylady, too!


Adrienne said...


Great review of Melissa's book! It's packed with valuable advice so much so that I keep mine out to refer to - it helps me stay focussed and "savvy"!

I like the excerpts that you chose, especially the last line reminding us that we are the artists of our lives.


La Vie Quotidienne said...

I definately need to get this book...thanks for the reminder; it looks full of great suggestions and ideas. Have a happy day!

Susan said...

Sounds good, Adrienne. Savvy is good. Susan