Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's finish up with our New Year decisions...

so we can move on to a more productive 2011.

You've done your Brain Drain.  You picked out some major categories and everything from your Brain Drain is transferred to a category.  Each of these things have a number denoting their importance from 1 - 4.  Now what?

So far we've been just done a bunch of really, really fun stuff.  Now I'm going to ask you to think a little bit (ok - you're going to have to think really, really hard, but it's still fun!)

  • In each category pick out the top three number one items that you wish to accomplish. 
  • Re-write each of those to be specific.  
  • If you wrote "lose weight" re-frame it in specific terms such as, "I want to lose 25 pounds."
  • Give that decision a time frame which is realistic.  "I want to lose 25 pounds by June 1st." 
So far pretty easy.

Now ask yourself this most important question and key to most of our failures.


What is keeping me from attaining this desire? 

When you identify what is standing in your way, you will automatically know how to proceed. 

Ten things that could be stopping you from attaining your goals
  • lack of information
  • fear
  • poor time management
  • unrealistic decisions  (goals)
  • lack of proper work space or tools
  • lack of funds
  • over-extended in your activities
  • lack of motivation
  • indecisiveness 
  • maybe you don't really want it after all...
 Let me repeat this most important sentence:

When you identify what is standing in your way, you will automatically know how to proceed. 

You may want to take a few days to mull over this sentence...


Ⓙaη @ ฿◎ßßƴ℘ḯη❝﹩ ℬ◎aґdẘαʟк ツ said...

Adrienne, I love that final statement (and the picture is priceless). I've copied that portion of your post (with the list of ten) and put it on my frig, and given it a lot of thought since yesterday. I need to determine what IS standing in the way!!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

This has really been a good series with some great tips...thank you. (-:

MightyMom said...

good picture! pretty much how I feel........

Rosie said...

My New Year's resolution is to attend church regularly. So far so good. My new church is so uplifting, I doubt that I'd want to miss it. Haha, I think that picture is me at Walmart.