Monday, November 1, 2010

Do you eat breakfast?

During my single years breakfast was usually a bottle of Tab (are you old enough to remember Tab?  I still miss it!)  Not a great way to start the day. 

Now my husband and I always sit down to a nice breakfast.  I  like a lot of variety of things to eat for breakfast, so I have learned to cut down on the size of the portions and we never eat things like muffins or sweet rolls. The closest we get to a big sugar fix is to occasionally have homemade jam or jelly on our toast.

 Today was a fairly typical breakfast - two slices of cantaloupe, 1/2 container (4 oz each) of lite blueberry yogurt, one soft-boiled egg served in an egg cup, cracked wheat sour dough toast.

I love eating soft-boiled eggs in an egg cup.  I used to have some really ugly wooden egg cups that I finally threw away, which meant that I had to find new ones.  Since I am cheap  thrifty  the number one priority was cost.  Number two was they had to be nice - please, no plastic.  Trying to find egg cups is hard enough without all those mandates.

Last month while perusing the mark-down stuff on the end-cap of Ross, I spied a box of four white egg cups. Wow - those are not bad looking.  It was the only box there and when I flipped it over the mark-down price was $2.99.  Well, ok then!  I can do that...

The little silver spoons are demitasse spoons my great-grandma brought over from the old country. Perfect size for egg spoons.

A really fun place to visit is a site called Jennifer Causey's Simply Breakfast.   Jennifer is a professional photographer who also maintains the blog Simply Photos (there's a link on her sidebar.)  You lovers of all things French may want to add her photographic journey of all things Paris to your Christmas list.   I stole borrowed a few picture and I'm hoping she won't mind. 

Head over and check out her blog, her shop (fabulous prints for sale), her books, and her wedding portfolio. 

Other photos by Jennifer...

 I'll be doing a bit of housework this morning since it's raining again.  Yesterday I managed to get all the extra Siberian Iris planted in the wildflower/grass field (we call it the "gully") and finished cleaning the cutting garden.  Next year, in addition to bearded iris blooming in the "gully", there will also be hundreds of Siberian Iris.

The "Gully" late spring

 Have a nice day...

And...don't forget to vote tomorrow!

If you need a reminder of why, take a look at this wonderful photo journey of women's suffrage:


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yes, I do remember Tab, but was not real crazy about the taste. I am not a breakfast person. I enjoy it, if I have been up a while, someone else does the cooking and the clean up. :D
Hae a great week.

Adrienne said...

Glenda - it just so happens that's exactly how it's done around here. I'm usually up by 5:30 or so. Breakfast is about 8:00 and hubby cleans up (although there's little to clean as I clean as I go.)

And....wait for it......sometimes we use paper plates if we just have yogurt from a carton and peanut butter toast. I "heart" paper plates. I even got some of those ugly little wicker holders so the cheapy plates don't collapse. heh

La Vie Quotidienne said...


Oh I hope you will be taking picture of the iris gully when they bloom - it must be totally spectacular! I eat just about the same thing every morning for breakfast (not very hungry in the morning) after I return from jogging. A small glass of juice, an English muffin and a pot of good tea...all very boring. Mozart loves bacon so a few times a week I have some to share with him.
Love your egg cups.(-:

BODECI body said...

I love breakfast. I find if I want to eat just before bed, I will make a deal with myself: Have a fabulous breakfast instead of eating before sleep. The soft boiled egg in the egg cup. Beautiful breakfast, nice husband..
Did my vote!

Cherie said...

Tab...I had forgotten about that staple in my younger days. I was a terrible breakfast eater - a diet soft drink with a store-bought cookie devoured on my way to the office was my breakfast. Now it's fruit, veggie sausages, cheese, oatmeal, those kinds of healthy options.

Fiona said...

Your breakfast looks so delicious and chic! Love the eggcups too. The latticework is so pretty.