Sunday, October 31, 2010

Secret Sunday

Find a special place for some time alone.  Bring a cup of tea or coffee and even a cookie if you wish.  Read Luke 19:1-10.  Think about what jumps out at you about those verses.

To help you ponder this wonderful verse my Aussie friend Father Speekman has some words of wisdom. 
[...]When we read Scripture we usually find that a word or phrase or image will capture our attention. For me this week it was a ‘moment’, the moment when Jesus reached the spot under the tree and looked up. I found myself happy to just sit and ponder the beautiful face of the Lord.
And don’t ask me exactly why it was that little moment which fascinated me. Was it the loving gaze in the eyes of the Lord looking up at Zacchaeus - or maybe his gentle smile? Or perhaps just wonderment at the goodness of the Divine Shepherd who comes to seek out the poor lost sheep even in the branches of a sycamore tree!  read the entire article here

Sycamore Tree of Zacchaeus in Jericho

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BODECI body said...

What a beautiful post. I had just read Janet's "Hello Sunday" and now your "Secret Sunday" and I'm feeling all cozy and warm inside!