Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pizza on the Grill and Homemade Sweet Cherry Tomato/Pesto Sauce and an Update on the Garden Tool Belt

 It started when I stopped in the Grocery Outlet and checked out their basket of  "fresh stuff that really needs to go away before it starts to smell" cart.  There was a whole bunch of organic cherry tomatoes that were perfectly fine as long as you planned to use them immediately.  Due to our erratic weather this year, my garden has not produced one tomato yet, so I scarfed up two packages for $1.00.

I remembered Roz over at La Bella Vita posting a recipe for sweet cherry tomato/pesto sauce.  I washed my tomatoes and popped them in a grill basket on the gas grill and ran out and picked a bunch of basil to make the sauce.  Then it hit me.  Hey - how about pizza on the grill since it's so dang hot in the house? I've always wanted to try pizza on the grill.

I pulled out my favorite pizza crust recipe and started a batch.  When the dough was ready, I cut it into four pieces, patted it out, and brushed it with extra virgin olive oil.  While it was resting on the cutting board I had the gas grill heating out on the deck.  Even though they were liberally brushed with olive oil, to be on the safe side, I sprayed the grates and threw on the small pizza rounds.  All it took was about 2 minutes per side.  Very rustic and ready for toppings.  Next time I'm going to make the crusts much thinner and make sure the edge is more raised (but they were still great!)

After just a few moments on each side they came back to the kitchen and we piled on the wonderful sauce, pepperoni, sweet onion, olives, and fresh grated whole milk mozzarella.  I turned off one side of the grill to cook with indirect heat and turned the other side to medium.  I put them back on for about 5 minutes to finish cooking the crust and melt the cheese.  Deliziosa!  

We couldn't eat more than one each so the two bare crusts pictured above are for tonight.  The left over toppings are ready to go.  Tonight we'll just pop them under the broiler for a few minutes.  Instant dinner...

Next I'm going to try making bread on the grill...

Roz also is starting something really fun called Fresh Friday.  It begins on Friday, August 27 for any blogger that has a post related to anything fresh.  

What does that include?

Roz says:
  • fresh scent/s
  • freshly prepared food
  • non-packaged or preserved food (however canning or freezing 'fresh' food can be included)
  • fresh new look/outfit/design/decor
  • a fresh new quilt made, or any new hand-made treasure
  • a fresh new beauty/exercise routine
  • fresh cut flowers
  • fresh new outlook, beginning, start, idea, experience, goal
  • anything recently made or produced
  • newly harvested 
  • fresh, clean and pure:  water, air, make-up, rain, products you use/recommend
  • anything unused and free from dirt, soil, impurities

Well that about covers it all.  

Read more at La Bella Vita  and say hi! to Roz...

Update on Garden Tool belt 

Tried out my new garden tool belt from Avon yesterday.   Wow!  It was better than expected.  Nothing fell out and it felt light as a feather when it was on.  My husband said I looked really serious while wearing it...(I think that was a compliment) 


MightyMom said...

hubby made his first homemade pizza the other day. way yummy!

Susan said...

Ooooooo, Adrienne, that looks very, very yummy. Susan

Adrienne said...

MM - pizza is really pretty easy and it gives us a chance to clean out the fridge. Store bought pizza (frozen) is outrageously expensive and too many of the franchise pizzas are horrible and also very expensive.

We get big bags of pepperoni at Costco plus the mozzarella. The cheese I cut in smaller chunks, vacuum seal, and freeze and the pepperoni just lives in the freezer.

Adrienne said...

Susan - wish I could send you a piece (or two)

It was really fast and easy - give it a try...

Anonymous said...

Mmm-mmm!! Adrienne, I'm salivating. Now I gotta have some pizza!! That looks so good. Our tomatoes were just terrible this year. I don't know why. Maybe they don't like all the 100+ temps we've had this year. Your flower cuttings look so gorgeous. I'm so glad your new tool belt is working for you. It sounds like it's worth much more than what you spent on it. Don't you just love it when something works out so well for you? Hugs.

bella roz said...

Oh Adrienne, I just love you! You are so kind to have posted about one of my recipes and my blog hop. The grilled pizzas look fabulous, something that I must try! I love ALL of the toppings that you used.....mmmm pizza! I could eat it forever in so many varieties! Blessings to you in return for your kindness, Love, Roz

kousalya said...

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