Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where in the World Have I Been??

That's a very good question. Holy Week is always a busy, busy week. Church services take up much time as well as moving ahead on projects.   My office is my next indoor project and yesterday was a step in the right direction.

I needed a new work table for my office and picked up what I thought was the perfect table. It was a nice fold up table in just the right size. When I got it home and set it up, the "wobble factor" was HUGE!  I gave a tug to one set of legs thinking that maybe they weren't straight. The table promptly imploded.

I don't deal with this sort of aggravation very well. It took a half of a Costco muffin and a large cup of French press coffee to stem the tears (how silly is that???)

My backup plan was a Samsonite table at Fred Meyer on sale for $24.99, which was $8.00 cheaper than the broken table. After the sugar and caffeine started to work it's magic, I headed out to purchase the table. Two lovely Freddy gentlemen took the table out of the box so I could check for wobble. Eureka! Very little wobble. This table turned out to be better because there was more room underneath to store stuff I'm working on.

I threw a table cloth over it and pinned up the sides so it looks "tailored" - which is about my level of expertise. The top will be covered with heavy clear plastic to protect it and I'll be good to go.  When I settle on my wall colors I'll replace the tablecloth with something less busy.

Look what's hiding underneath...

I had been using a darling little drop leaf table which had to find a new home.  It fit perfectly in the dining room.  It will be painted to match the rest of the antique white furniture (which gave hubby heart palpitations, but he'll survive!  What is it with guys and wood??)

Both sides open up and there is handy storage area in the center for serving platters and trays.

My bunny used to be on the buffet. You know how moving one item starts a tsunami of rearranging.  Even though silk flowers have been banned from my house (except for one arrangement in the bedroom), I wandered out to the barn and found some tulips laying on the floor (really!) dragged them in, washed them and crammed them in my favorite pitcher with a few other stray flowers. 

Getting into the swing of things, I filled my hand-made display vase with shells from the bathroom, and ran out in the rain and cut some forsythia branches to force.  They're already opening up from just last night.

I saved the best for last.  A wonderful blogger buddy sent me her lovely pink bunny after I expressed my unbridled lust for this darling little gem.  Things just don't get any better...

Today is Holy Thursday and starts the Easter Triduum - the three days leading up to Easter.  I wish all of you a blessed and holy Easter and will see you Monday...

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Susan said...

Awwwwwww, Adrienne.....what a darling little bunny! SOOOOOOO cute! ha! Love your pretty vase, too, and all your treasures. Had to laugh when you showed underneath the table. I'm definitely talented at hiding things like that. ha ha ha A blessed Holy Thursday to you. On my way to church soon. Sincerely, Susan