Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make Your Own Starter Pots

Many years ago I placed a large order and received a Pot Maker as a free bonus.  It's a handy little gizmo that makes newspaper pots for starting seeds.

I checked online and the Pot Maker costs between $13.99 and  $19.99.  That's a lot of money to make some paper pots.  While the Pot Maker does put a nice little crimp on the bottom when you press it in the form, I'm not sure that the cost is justified when a small glass bottle will work just as well.

With three acres of gardens to augment with annuals, I start many plants in the spring for transplanting.  It's the annuals that add so much color and zip to my primarily perennial beds.

 My Pot Maker...

Aren't the pots cute?

 The Pot Maker is about 2 1/4" in diameter.  Head into the kitchen and find a bottle about the same size (we all have empty bottles, right ladies?)  Oh heck - it can even be a full bottle, like one full of olives.

 Here are the Pot Maker instructions:

Directions for use:

1.) Cut newspaper into 3-1/2" x 10" strips.
2.) Roll paper around press and fold under end.
3.) Press into form and remove pot.
4.) Fill pot with soil and transplant seedling or sow seeds directly.
5.) Established plant ready for transplanting into garden.

Using a bottle means that you only have to make sure there is enough paper hanging over the bottom of the bottle to ensure you will have enough to fold under.  Stick a very little piece of tape on the bottom since you won't be pressing it into a form and, voila - you have a pot.  I recommend pulling open the bottom of the pot when you plant it in the garden and so the teensy piece of tape will come off automatically.

Now I'm going to get to work on those plastic pots I hope to "transform" into something more interesting.


A Chistoff said...

Hi, this pot maker is great however I've found a better one: it is called next generation paper pot maker and it is much cheaper. Plus you can add soil without damaging the pot you just made.

MightyMom said...

that's a neat idea...then the pot will dissolve in the soil unlike plastic flats.

but I've never had any luck starting seeds. so I'll pass

Chell... said...

I have been eying that little gadget for the last couple years...think I just might purchase it for this spring. Need to get going on that! My Day lilies are already starting to show! yay!!!

Denise Marie said...

wow, this is a cute little tool.