Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kudo's to the Blog Fairy!!

The Blog Fairy

By now you have probably realized that my messy, ugly blog is looking tres chic.  I owe this marvelous transformation to The Blog Fairy.  I had contacted several blog design experts but when I saw La Bella Vita's makeover, I was hooked on The Blog Fairy.

Not only do I think her work is exceptional, but she is a competent and careful business woman. My emails were answered promptly (she takes great pride in that, and well she should!), and her attention to getting to know me was outstanding.  And, most importantly, she never laughed at my stupid questions or my inability to answer her simplest questions.  Many times I was left to say, "You decide, or you know what's best." And she did!

If you need some help with your blog or just want a few new items and not necessarily a complete makeover, Blog Fairy is the lady to see. She also has some outstanding free backgrounds if the budget doesn't allow for a complete makeover (even though she has the lowest prices, evah!)

Besides, how can you not love a women named Emily with a smile like this??

Thank you, Emily! You're my hero!


Lola said...

The Blog Fairy is even prettier than her work.

But, mighty nice pixie dust, because the New Adrienne de Pitera's is looking Gorgeous!

bella said...

Wow, Adrienne, your new 'look' is so perfect for you....I really love the 'framed' daylilies at the top, and the top photo as well....Emily is just great isn't she? I am thinking of asking her to give me a new look for my Catholic blog too! These templates that she designs make you just love posting and adding things to your blog so much more. You might like to look at "A Feast For The Eyes" blog where I first saw Emily's work....it's listed in my sidebar. I need to add yours too, if I haven't already! Love, Roz