Friday, October 16, 2009

Feeling Rich Friday

A Clean Kitchen Sink makes me feel very, very rich. That's not my sink there to the right but it looks just like mine. Ordinary, but very, very clean.

I'm a big fan of Fly Lady and the first thing she has you do is clean your sink.  That was never a problem for me as I can't remember ever being able to stand a sink with dishes piled up.  That includes the drainer. I detest getting up in the morning and having a few things sitting in the drainer. 

If you want to try feeling rich, make sure your sink is spotless before going to bed. What fun it is to get up in the morning to a fresh pot of coffee and a spotless sink. 

I would dearly love to have a "farm sink" like the one pictured above, and it is definitely on my "want" list. 

 I don't like how the counter narrows on each side of this sink but I wouldn't turn down the sink if someone gave it to me.  Anyone??

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I'll be back later today to tell you all about the lovely lady who gave me such a beautiful blog.  She did the makeover on La Bella Vita, and I was so impressed I hopped right on her waiting list.  She deserves a post all her very own, so see you in a bit...

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{ L } said...

Thank you for the inspiring motivation!! I will go clean my sink now! :) We just had a dinner party last night so it desperately needs cleaned!