Monday, June 8, 2009

No Picture, No Problem

As some of you know I just finished painting most of the interior of my house. It was a huge change from Shabby Chic pale colors to more earth tones. The oil painting behind the couch was a seascape that I have become really sick of looking at, not to mention it really clashed with the new wall color which is a rosy beige and really doesn't show up well in these pictures.

So for a few weeks while we shopped for a replacement the wall was bare. While the shopping for a new picture is turning into some sort of Olympic event, I was still having to stare at that blank wall.

I used to have a space in an antique mall and my barn is filled with the odds and ends left over from any business that has closed. Remembering a nice frame that was lurking out there and having a vision (I get those), of angels and ribbon, I headed out to claim the frame.

After cleaning it, I grabbed some wired ribbon from my ribbon drawer, gathered it up by pulling on the wires, and attached two angels that were hanging about on a lamp and a dresser. I simply nailed them with a teeny tiny nail to inside top of the frame. A couple of nails in the wall and all was done and I wouldn't have to look at that blank wall while the "art search" continues.

Now for you observant readers who noticed that I referred to two angels when you can clearly see there are three angels, which is a good thing because two angels would look really weird, congratulations.

Delving into my Christmas drawer produced the third little angel - a solid gold colored plastic Dollar Store decoration. It promptly got a coat of white paint, a bit of sandpaper, and now holds pride of place in the center of my new artwork.

Check out what my friend Jennifer did with $5.00 and a bit of paint. A brand new gorgeous night stand!

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Lola said...

This is a wonderful idea!

BTW, my dd gave me a beautiful Italian cherub for christmas one year. That little Putti's going to be brought back out and used year round now!