Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Flower Vases

Simple Flowers, Simple Containers

I like fancy cut glass, one-of-a-kind pottery, or porcelain vases as much as anyone. But I also like simple containers. Old mason jars have a wonderful charm, but what I really like are food jars with nice labels.

A number of years ago a dear lady, known to all as "Grandma", gave me a small cutting of a wild rose she had in her yard. I put the cutting in the newly created "peanut" on the east lawn of my property. That tiny cutting has turned into a large, and what some would call invasive, purveyor of the most heavenly scented yellow roses. They have popped up in my lilacs, slithered around some daylilies, and form a gorgeous backdrop for some purple Siberian Iris.

While on a stroll of the property last evening, I whipped out my cutters (they're always in my pocket), and clipped off a small branch. I gingerly carried it home by one of it's buds to avoid the thorns and reached into my cabinet for my artichoke jar. I knew the colors were perfect and the jar was just the right size.
It's sitting on my window sill in the kitchen next to my little tiny wooden "Big Book". Grandma died a few years ago but every time her roses bloom I think of her.

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my cuttings look dead! I'm talking shriveled leaves dead. aunt put them in a pot in soil and rooting stimulator stuff...told me to leave them in there for 2 weeks...I've tried to keep them moist but it's HOT here! and they look dead. is there any hope??