Saturday, December 11, 2010

Downsizing takes a nosedive...


I made the mistake of wandering over to the Christmas Cloche Party at A Stroll Thru Life.  The blame all goes to the sweet Glenda over at Dab of This and That.  She posted pictures of her wonderful cloches and directed me to the Cloche Party.

  It seems cloches, sometimes called Bell Jars, are popping up all over and are quite the rage.  Now I don't need a cloche. Does anyone really need a cloche? Therefore, I had no plans to acquire such a thing.  However, two weeks or so ago I made a quick stop at Tuesday Morning.  I hadn't been in there for years since the store became so junky and dirty.  Lo and behold, it was cleaned up and was stocked with some fairly nice stuff (most of which IMO, was still very overpriced.)

Sitting on a shelf were two cloches.  Not ordinary cloches, but ones which lovely etchings on the the sides, a glorious huge glass nob on top, the bottom edge covered in silver, and standing almost a foot tall including the knob.  It was priced at $19.99 which I thought was more than reasonable.  Did I make the purchase?  No.  Aren't you proud of me?

Then..................................................I go to the cloche party and the fever for a cloche hit an all time high.  I MUST have that cloche says I (while breathing rapidly into a paper bag.)  Thinking it would be long gone I popped Tuesday Morning yesterday and discovered they were still there.  

It gets better, though.  One of them had a wee chip on the bottom.  Did it mar the overall appearance?  Nope, you can barely see it.   So I headed up to the manager and asked if they discounted damaged goods.  Why yes indeedy - they did.  How about $15.00 instead of $19.99?  Well, ok!

Now I have a cloche...

The chip that saved me $5.00

Tonight we'll be off to the 123rd annual Candlelight Concert at the beautiful St. Aloysius Church on the campus of Gonzaga University in Spokane. 

For our "fine dining experience" after the concert, nothing compares to Dick's - a Spokane institution famous for the Whammy burger and the best fries in the entire world!


La Vie Quotidienne said...

I have a couple of cloches outside in the garden...where they are really supposed to be. But like you I fell prey the the cloche temptation and bought a new one at Marshall's a few weeks ago - this one will only be used inside as the glass is more what to put in it? Downsizing is difficult, especially for bloggers.(-:

Susan said...

Oh Adrienne. The cloche is AWESOME! And $5 off to boot. Good for you! Great job! This was meant to be yours. Hope the concert and burger were both great, too. You deserve the best. Susan

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Awww! - Hope I was not a bad influence on you. :-D The tall one I hung the cross on came from TM also and it is one of my favorites. It was discounted due to a flaw which turned out I did not even notice. Works for me! :D
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Adrienne said...


I learn something new everyday here in blogland. I have never heard of a cloche...and yet, I have to do a little searching because I think I may own one! Yours is lovely, chip or no chip, and you can't beat that price!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I love cloche - and why wouldn't I - it's french for "bell" - I would love to have about TEN all different sizes all over my harvest table... alas I am in a constant state of borrowing a little one from my Mom til she has a buyer for it.

BODECI body said...

Like Adrienne above, I have not heard of a cloche, but have heard of a bell jar. Reminds me a bit of Sylvia Plath, but, oh well. Beautiful, my dear! Very good bargaining, too! Hey, you know, everyone has a bottom line.
Your photos are so Christmasie...I am getting in the mood!

LRS4AMANDA said...

Hi Adrienne,

I have thought of getting a cloche or two, I have noticed in some recent holiday catalogs that they were filled with ornaments.

We have a Tuesday Morning a mile from our house and like you hadn't been particularly impressed so had not returned. However...I was searching for a mirrored nightstand for our guest room and the one I wanted @ Pottery Barn was $399 plus shipping. Tuesday Morning had one in their ad for $150 so I went down there and got the last one. It's just as nice as the P.B. one so I was very excited to snag it!


Rosie said...

That is the prettiest cloche I've ever seen! Thank you so much for remembering me with the Christmas card. You made my Christmas so much happier with your kindness. I hope mine makes it to you before Christmas! haha.

MightyMom said...

not sure if I like the cloche or the beautiful Madonna and child that's inside it better!!!

Merry Christmas dear friend!