Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guess What I Got?

Thanks to the help and encouragement from a lovely lady I met at Costco yesterday, I was able to make a decision on a purchase.  It's the smaller decisions that befuddle us ADD'ers and some help is always appreciated.  I may take her with me whenever I shop!

No fair peeking at the end of the post to see what I bought...

A little closer...

A snowflake?

Another one?

What's this?

Did you guess?

Luxury weight!  Whooooeeee!  We only have one pair of flannel sheets which I cheaply frugally purchased at an estate sale over 12 years ago.  They were premium J.C. Penny sheets and are still in good condition but I've wanted a second pair for several years.  This set was only $34.95 and they are extraordinarily heavy.  Don't you love the colors?

It's snowing again (what's up with that???) and so I am finally going to finish some projects that have been on the agenda for at least a year.

In case you missed it:

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Adrienne said...

Hi Adrienne,

Cute sheets! So festive. My husband runs hot and doesn't like flannel...so I'll just live vicariously cozy through you!

AND...I just got home from buying another heating pad so Coco and Daisy don't have to share. They are sleeping on their own warm pad as I type this. See? I'm not a bad doggy mommy after all :)
Daisy and Coco say "thank you" to you for thinking of such a brilliant solution.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your new sheets tonight!


La Vie Quotidienne said...

How nice these will be during the winter months...so cuddly. I have a couple sets of flannel sheets but they are both a generic creme color...not nearly as fancy as yours.(-:

Susan said...

Oh Adrienne, we have a pair of flannel sheets that I LOVE. They truly keep us warm and cozy all through the bitter New England winter! So glad you got a second pair! Susan