Thursday, September 16, 2010

So I got this award with a whole lot of difficult stuff to do involving a certain number of words, and something about Cilantro...

For heavens sake - I'm Italian and now I'm expected to give my life philosophy in FIVE words??

This is the award!
Debra who hangs out at Bodeci Body  has both honored and challenged me with this award.  She received the award from (the other) Adrienne over at The Rich Life on a Budget

The rules:  

Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words. And then pass it on to another blog which you feel has real substance. 

Giving my best shot I came up with...

Philosophy: We are children of God
Motivation:  Our prayers are always answered
Experience: Don't put anything in writing

Ok, ok - the last one is only kind of silly.  It sounds silly because we are all writing, writing, writing and publishing it on the world wide web.  What it means is don't put anything in writing you wouldn't want your Mom or Dad to read.  Simple!

So many of my excellent blog friends don't "do" awards,  so I'm going to pass it on to all my favorite friends (you know who you are)  

Take a moment to let us know if you participate so we can visit you.  

Cilantro in Bloom

A few weeks ago some of my cilantro had gone to bloom.  I walked by it for several days before I really stopped and observed the flowers.  Hmmmmm, those are really pretty.

I picked a bunch and put it on my windowsill in the kitchen.  It not only looked pretty it smelled divine.  And next to it a sprig of basil in my Mother's little green shoe vase.  I keep basil handy for our tomatoes, scrambled eggs, and putting fresh basil leaves on a peanut butter sandwich is deliziosa!

It's 6:30 am and I've been up since about 3am.  My hubby has been having a near death experience the past two days (what the rest of the world calls a cold.)  Sigh...

And now I must rearrange my entire schedule because it is raining (finally!)

All in all, it's going to be a wonderful day.  Really!


BODECI body said...

Are you kidding, I'll take any award any time!
How come my cilantro doesn't even grow? I've had this problem with it before. No problem with my other herbs. Beautiful arrangements. I, too, will incorporate herbs as flower arrangements. BTW: Great five word answers. I think it may have actually said five words or less, but I accidentally misfired the "copy/paste"! Sorry my dear!

Adrienne said...


Congratulations on the award.

I agree with you about putting things in writing. I've learned to be very, very careful about what goes on to paper, my blog or emails. Your words can come back to bite you if you're not careful!

I never knew cilantro could be as pretty as it is yummy! I learn something new everyday in this little blog world.

I hope hubby feels better soon....for your sake and his!


Nikosmommy said...

I had NO idea cilantro grew like this with flowers! beautiful!

Adrienne said...

BBody - or less??? Good grief, woman. Asking an Italian to do anything in less than 5 words? You, more than most, should know better.

Cilantro can be picky about the weather. Some years I have trouble - this year every sowing was wonderful.

Adrienne said...

Adrienne - the written word can be very dangerous. One time I said something nasty about someone on the wrong email. It ended up going to the person I said the crummy things about. Whoooooeeeeee - you should have seen me tap dance my way out of that one.

Hubby is better and actually taught his morning student. I'm so glad. I was up most of the night.

Adrienne said...

Hi Nikosmom - I was floating around your blog yesterday. You are such a pretty young lady and have a beautiful family. Your little boys are yummy cute!

I'm guessing from the pics and your online name that your handsome husband may be Italian. Yes?

Susan said...

ha ha ha ha ha Adrienne. You are funny. Your husband is having a near death experience? A cold? That cracked me up. You have a wry sense of humor. Congrats on the award! Susan

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I never realized that cilentro had such pretty flowers. I have a little difficulty growing it...but after seeing this I might try again next year. Thank you for visiting me...and yes, I am another Adrienne - I used to think it was a rather unusual name...but not anymore. (-:

MightyMom said...

Oh GOOD! Since I know I'm not one of your favorite friends then I don't have to do the 5 word Thingy. Shew!!

bella (roz) said...

Congratulations on your newest award, Adrienned! The cilantro in bloom looks so pretty! Enjoy the upcoming days of autumn!