Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plums, comments, magazines, and some linky-love

I am obviosly way behind on addressing all my fine comments, but I promise you I will get to it later or sooner (I like to put the most likely to happen in first place.)

We had some of the last of our plums for breakfast this morning.  I chopped them up, put a dollop of plain yogurt on top, and a sprinkle of cinnamon/sugar for appearance and a bit of zip.  Lovely and delicious.

Last weekend I picked up some beets at the Farmer's Market in Coeur d' Alene.  And lo and behold, what does Roz over at La Bella Vita post but some excellent beet recipes including Beet Salad with Avocados and Machego Cheese.  Thanks, Roz.  Even if you hate beets and, trust me, people either love them or hate them, you must see Roz's pictures.  All her pics are the best!

The "other" Adrienne at Rich Life on a Budget offers up Tasteful vs Tacky,  Fiona at How to be Chic gives some hints for Instant Chic , while Debra at Bodeci Body brings us Of Women, Wine and Weight Loss - three fine posts that compliment each other nicely.  I keep these ladies in my Google Reader section labeled Inspiration for good reason.


The Parisienne Farmgirl

Spend some time perusing this lovely blog.  It's fun, elegant, and informative.  According to her profile she likes:  Family, Gardening, NASCAR, Fashion, Politics, Cooking, and Bordeaux Wine.  My favorite thing about PF is her ability to be real.  No playing Miss Perfect for this smart and very pretty lady.  She also has her very own on-line shop full of very cool things at super reasonable prices.  And do be sure and tour her garden while you're there.


Last week I received one of those "subscribe to our magazine for really, really cheap and we'll send you this bonus whatever for free 'cause you know you really want to do this since it's only twelve cents or less per issue" offer.  It was Victoria, a mag I like anyway and have subscribed to before, so I sent in the postage paid envelope and am eagerly awaiting my first issue.  Ladies, show some patience when it comes to subscribing to mags.  Sooner or later you'll receive an offer you can't refuse. 

From their website:

Simple, soft, and elegant...

Lunch is served...

Love these glasses...

Beautiful simplicity

The garden awaits. See you later...


Susan said...

Thanks for all the information on other blogs, Adrienne. I'm looking forward to checking them out. Susan

La Vie Quotidienne said...


I have subcribed to Victoria magazine since it's prior publication and now with the new editions. I continue to enjoy reading it and browsing through the wonderful photos. They also have great recipes.(-:

BODECI body said...

Why, are you not the most delicious woman? Thank you for the ment tomorow. So up your alley. You always have the most delightful, creative and simplistic (yet sophisticated) posts. Very addictive! xoxo

BODECI body said...

However did my comment get chopped off at 'ment'?
'mention. I went to an amazing canning party today atop the hills of our Sonoma Valley beauty. Blog to follow ... (tomorrow?)