Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Venetian Blinds Rock

I love Venetian blinds - in particular the "new" ones with two inch blades.  When I was a little girl all the blinds were wood and had two inch blades. So much for "new."  When mini-blinds came out, everyone threw out their wonderful wood blinds and bought metal mini's.  Granted - they were easier to clean and maintain.

There is nothing really better for light control than blinds.  While I love wood Roman shades and their ilk, they block the view.  It's an all or nothing thingy.  Blocking the light =  not being able to see outside. With blinds you can block the light and, if they are not closed all the way, still be able to see outside.  I hate not being able to see outside.  I get very claustrophobic.  That's why there are no drapes that close in my house.

Lower cost two inch blinds are available now at various stores, such as WalMart.  They are made of faux wood and are actually pretty inexpensive.  I just replaced my slider (awful invention) with two inch blinds.  In the summer the sun beats in and heats the house up.  I lower the blinds and it keeps the house cool but I can still see outside.  Similar to blinds are the wonderful plantation shutters (which I can't afford) but also dearly love.

From Wiki on the history of blinds:
Venetian blinds were patented by Edward Beran in London on 11 December 1769,  but in reality Venetian blinds were invented by the French long before then. The early history of the Venetian blind is conjectural. The early Venetians, who were great traders, are thought to have brought the idea of the blind from Persia to Venice. The Venetian slaves, once freed, are then thought to have brought the blind to France for personal comfort and as a means of livelihood.

My new blinds:
 Hubby couldn't wait to put out his little green table and chairs.  He says looking at them from inside the house makes him happy.

Some other beautiful blinds I found:

I love this breakfast nook...

Gorgeous plantation shutters:

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Susan said...

Hi Adrienne...Wow, blinds have quite a background. Looks like they've been around for quite a spell. Sincerely, Susan from writingstraightfromtheheart.blogspot.com

MightyMom said...

oooo I think I just broke out in hives.

honestly I HATE blinds. really really hate them. I'll put up with the horizontal ones cuz hubby likes them, but I'd really rather have sheers and drapes. The vertical blinds I refuse to allow in my house.

but the green table and chairs is very nice.

Adrienne said...

Susan - blinds have been around about as long as I have...

Adrienne said...

MM - To me yards and yards of fabric are dust catchers. And when they're closed you can't see outside. Now that makes me break out in hives.