Friday, March 12, 2010

Terracotta Garden Pots

Is there anything prettier than aged terracotta pots?  I loved them way before anyone else thought they were worthy of even a second glance.

Be still my beating heart!

Terracotta Heaven~~

Redwood is nice, too - after it gets a bit old and beat up.  This is the usual redwood pot we're used to seeing.  Just don't do like my neighbor and paint them white and plop them all over your yard.  They look worse than awful.  You can only do that if it's in a intimate garden setting and even then I recommend leaving them natural.

Later today I'm going to be starting a bit of a transformation on some very inexpensive clay colored plastic pots.  You'll be able to see me stumble through the whole process. 


Teri said...

Makes me want to get out in the yard! I love terra cotta pots.

Anonymous said...

I love terra cotta, too. I have one of those redwood planters that I used to hold my hose. I bought it late last summer, and brought it in for the winter, and painted it with clear coat. I hope that will help it last, and look decent.

Adrienne said...

Teri - When I was a little girl people would throw them away - in particular if they got mossy.

Adrienne said...

Rosie - I didn't like my redwood pot until it got really old and beat up. But I think if I was using it as a hose holder (good idea!!) I would want to keep it looking nice. The clear coat will probably help although you can also just throw some cheap redwood stain on it every year.

Mine got so old the bottom rotted out and then I crammed a plastic pot inside of it. Finally, after about 15 years it just collapsed.

Susan said...

Hi Adrienne: I definitely like terra cotta, especially with red geraniums. Hope you have a nice day. Sincerely, Susan

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I also prefer the aged look. I just passed a house a little bit ago, that the front yard was cluttered with all kinds of plastic . I suspect their neighbors are not real thrilled with them.
Thanks for stopping by. You would not want the squirrels very long. They are very destructive.
Have a great weekend.

MightyMom said...

not sure about the terra cotta look....I really don't care much for containers overall....but I do like unique ones like mosaics or such.

but anyway

the daylillies you sent me are poking up!!! all cute and green. I'm soooo excited! the kids and I weeded around them yesterday and I need to dig a hole for the ones my aunt gave me that are still in the bucket.

NOW, a question.
will daylillies spread and reproduce like the cannas and irises do? cuz if so I'll move the new ones on down the wall but if not they'll go next to the shepards you gave me.