Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shop Your House

Finding Treasures

I'm been shopping for a new picture for our small bathroom that was just repainted.  In the past, two framed sets of stamps were in there.  Stamps are so beautiful and I had quite a big collection.  I stuck some on black fabric and threw them in a frame, but I was ready for something different.

While doing a rapid de-junking of my husbands office closet (that's a whole post by itself), I came across a large envelope of  art work my husband had done when he was a teenager. Some of it was assignments from a correspondence course he took. Not only is my husband a master musician, but a wonderful artist.

Two of his assignments:

This one he did in the Minneapolis Main Library:

The first two prints fit perfectly in the old frames. Voila!  New pictures. Cost?  Zero...

He did these fun fashion sketches, too. 


Jennifer said...

who'd a thunk? great drawings!

MightyMom said...