Sunday, November 8, 2009

Look What I Got!

Friday my hubby actually entered a Ross store with me. We were headed to Costco and he agreed to a quick run through. He always objects to visiting stores like Ross,  but ends up having more fun than moi. 

Of course, he immediately found a cup he just couldn't live without. He said the cup made him want to eat enchiladas...

 And I found an awesome new little table for my bathroom fuchsia plant (it was ONLY $7.99) 

The table is heavy and the birds are three dimensional - not flat. I love a verdigris finish...

They also had two battery operated candles on the clearance shelf for $3.49.  Those electric candles are super for places like bookshelves where a real candle could be a hazard.  I went "shopping" in my hall closet and we put the new candle on a wall holder that I took down when I painted.  Perfect for the end of the bookshelves.

After returning home, I mourned the fact that I didn't get one of those great cups for myself or grabbed the other candle. I also had my eye on a new thingy for my coffee table. 

Saturday hubby had to run to the pharmacy to pick up a med refill for Elle, one of our dogs(her meds cost $29.00 a month - good thing she's cute (she has my eyes)   

Her little quilt was a gift from noted young adult author and quilter extraordinaire, Katie Alender.  Elle has a crush on Katie's doggie, Winston.

Hubby seemed to be gone quite a long time for such a short trip. When he returned home - guess what????? He had gone back to Ross (all by himself - I'm so proud!) and snagged the other candle, grabbed me a cup, and found the vase thingy I wanted.   Now - how cool is that?

I'd love to show you an awesome tablescape with my new vase ($6.99) as the centerpiece, but the coffee table is stacked with Etsy projects that have spilled out of my office. They were on the dining room table and we had to eat around them.  I guess that's a step up in home decor....

Back to work!


MightyMom said...

awesomeness!! but what's wrong with your puppy??

Adrienne said...

She has Lymphangieatosia and IBD. She takes a small dose of pred every other day and every day she takes azathioprine, which has to be compounded at our local pharmacy. That's the one that costs $29.00. Her special hypo-alergenic food also costs $29.00 for an 8 lb bag. She also gets special hypo doggie biscuits.

She almost died and had emergency tummy surgery ($2000.00) When you include her two knee surgery's ($1000.00 each) you know why we call her the $5000.00 dog that cost fifty bucks.

But, but - she has my eyes....and we love her dearly.