Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feeling Rich Friday

Feeling Rich Friday on Saturday

  I couldn't think of a thing this week that made me feel rich until I hauled out my vacuum last night.  I had to change the bag and it hit me that having lots of vacuum bags makes me feel rich.

I use a Shop-Vac All Around because we have parquet wood floors. This is my third home, and in all our houses we put down parquet.  It's cheaper than carpet and easier to care for. Wood is a good insulator and is much cleaner than carpet.

"Much cleaner" is the real reason we have switched to wood.  In the past 30 years we always had two dogs and one cat. Now we have two dogs and two cats since little Erica chose us as her family.

Pets get old. That's just a fact.  And when they do, sometimes their hygiene fails a bit.  When my Elle was first stricken with her disease, which is much like Crohn's in adults, any carpet we may have had would have been ruined beyond redemption (you can fill in the blanks).   She required emergency surgery and we almost lost her.  Choosing between the joy that our fur people bring us versus a bunch of expensive carpet was easy.

Back to the bags.  The vacuum bags for this model are really hard to find.  Every time I stepped into Lowe's, KMart, or WalMart,  stores that carry this vacuum, I would check for bags.  Rarely do they have the bags.  One day I had a light bulb moment and checked AmazonWhoeeeee!  Bags!  Good price, low shipping.  I ordered enough bags to see me through a few years.  

Now that's rich!!

What makes you feel rich??


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Adrieanne!
What a beautiful blog you have! I love flowers and lilies are one of my favorites! I'm glad you got linked by reganite too!. Your avatar is adorable, is that your doggie? I love doggies and all animals too!
Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad I found your blog.

Adrienne said...

Bunni - Elle is my baby dog (even thought she's 8 or so years old)

This is my fun blog to keep me from going crazy...

Laura said...

I want to hear more about those floors! Did you install them yourself? Do they go throughout the entire house?

(Pets not only get old, they also shed hair, bring in fleas and ticks, etc. I HATE having carpet!!!)

MightyMom said...

my darling sweet fantastic husband rents the carpet cleaner and cleans the entire house (moving furniture and disassembling beds...) about ever 3rd month. Takes care of all those pet messes. :-)

I would love to have wood though. I need the perigot (or whatever) that's tough and easy clean. with 3 hooligans wear and tear is hard!

Adrienne said...

Laura - I'll do a whole post on wood floors just for you...

Adrienne said...

MM- My friends that have Pergo and kids are not happy. Pergo is sorta hard to clean and if you drop something and cut it - too bad!

We have never put down anything except oak parquet except for one year when we got it at Home Depot. It was some other kind of hardwood that was actually harder than oak. It wears like iron. I vacuum each week (sometimes twice per week), and about every 2 -3 months I run a very wrung out string mop with a bit of vinegar water. That's it (except for the sponging up of cat puke and the like)

I have a small area by the back door that needs tiny bit of light hand sanding and some sealer thrown on. And that's after almost 12 years.