Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten for Ten

Gina over at the Shabby Chic Cottage has a fun thing going on - Ten Tasks in Ten Days.  

Gina says:
Do you suffer from Decorating ADD? Well I have a challenge for you! I am going to attempt to complete ten projects in the next ten days. read the rest
I hoped on that little bandwagon since I really do have ADD and accountability helps.  It's Monday and I haven't finished my "brain drain" for this week but I'm going to try and muddle through a list anyway. The good news is I've already completed several things on my list today.
  1. clean back deck
  2. stain back deck
  3. hang new picture
  4. clean and paint architectural thingy that's been in the barn for three years
  5. recover the chairs in our bedroom
  6. plant my 250 bulbs in the garden
  7. finish painting my flowers for Christmas ornaments
  8. finish three Etsy projects
  9. finish painting bookshelves
  10. Do at least one art journal page
I know after really looking at my schedule tomorrow and mapping this all out, I may have to jettison a few of those projects.  But, maybe not!

Post your list, head  over to Gina's and leave a comment so people can bug you and keep you accountable.  And take a look at her post today on chalk board paint. Clever!!! 

Coming up: We're going to make meatballs. I made about 10 lbs of meatballs today and took some photos. 

PS - I sit in the corner, cry, and twirl my hair while sucking my thumb if people don't leave comments....just sayin'   ;-)


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Good luck! Hope you'll be posting your progress, I'll be by to cheer you along the way.

Austringer said...

250 bulbs? Aaaaaaaaaghhh....The most I have ever planted at one time was 150 (tulips and scilla siberica), and that was darn hard work. Still, the show in springtime made it seem worthwhile, or almost so.

Adrienne said...

Thanks, Gina...

Adrienne said...

Austie - I don't do the little bulb digger thingy. I hack up a big hole, throw in between 5 and 15 bulbs, and kick the dirt back over. Quick and dirty. None of this one by one carp for moi.

I can do 250 bulbs in about 30 minutes. Last year I did about 800 and it took me about an hour and a half.

MightyMom said...

hahahhahaha, you're describing the way I planted the bulbs you sent me.....dig a big hole (I made it too deep initially) throw the bulbs in (making sure they're right side up of course) and covered them over.

by the way, I only lost 1 very small fan. The rest are nice and green and happy in their hole in the ground.

Austringer said...

Well, I more or less did the same: I prepared a big wide bed, and then placed the bulbs in and threw the dirt over. But, I still thought it was darn hard work! Maybe that's because I have a very clay-y soil -- if I had as much time as I have interest, I would try making some pots out of it. Spading out a bed, then, is not easy work, as I have to separate out the valuable (but thin)layer of top soil, and then add black dirt that I either buy by the bag or schlepp from other, less clay-y parts of our property.
So --- 250 bulbs had me beat.