Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remembering the Summer

Early fall means lots of outside work in a short amount of time.  Much won't get done this autumn and will mean more work in the spring.  I'll be outside the rest of the day. 

Have a wonderful weekend...

The east lawn this summer.

Weeping cherry "back yard" 2009

My favorite peony
Wild roses in bloom
A tree named "William." He used to be "Bill the Cat" until heavy pruning produced the most beautiful tree I have.
One of six daylily nursery beds 

 Another daylily bed
From the front deck. Spring 2009
Hoping this doesn't happen again. Winter 2008-2009


Austringer said...

Lovely photos, except for that last one, which, you know, kinda ruined my day. Now, was that REALLY necessary??!! Don't you feel bad about what you've done??

Sarah - Kala said...

they are all lovely pictures. what a gorgeous garden you have!! I like the last one, but maybe 'cos I live in HI now and won't see that kinda snow for a long while - three years if I can't get off the island in the winter months to see either side of the family. His is in Iowa (too cold and snow like you have in that picture) and mine in Seattle, where it's too cold and the white stuff is usually that slop you mush around in and fall into.

MightyMom said...

here I am slogging through muck and mud in the rainiest fall in memory....even my poor petunias have just about given up for being battered by the never ending rains and here you go posting all these pretty flowers.....:-P

bella said...

What a beautiful place to live! You have the most awesome pictures! Love, Roz

bella said...

Hi Adrienne, My parents are here for awhile and I was telling her about you!!!! So I took her to your blog and she would like to know where you live in brother summers there in Bonner Springs. Are you nearby? He lives in AZ during the non-summer months. You can email me if this is confidential info. Love, Roz