Friday, October 2, 2009

New Picture for Living Room

Back in June when the interior of my house was repainted, a picture that lived behind the sofa was relegated to the barn. Not only did it not "match", I was really sick of looking at it. I was never that crazy about it anyway. In a post entitled  "No picture, No Problem", I showed you how I filled up the space until a picture could be found.

Today, before heading into my favorite store (Costco), I made a quick trip through Ross and found this quite lovely triple matted print for only $59.00.  It passed the hubby test and we'll hang it tomorrow.  My angel frame will move to my bathroom 'cause I've grown quite fond it. 

Even though I love Shabby Chic, I'm becoming more and more Tuscany in my taste. It's either my age or my Italian blood...

Click on pic to enlarge...

Next I feel this great urge to cover my sofa.  Not one to make fancy slipcovers, I'll no doubt settle for some great fabric and lots of safety pins.  I've checked out painters tarps but haven't found one the right shade of beige.  Any ideas??

See you for Secret Sunday Place


MightyMom said...

I found a bolt of upholstery fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and recovered my love seat in it....but forget the safety pins...invest in ye old staplegun!!

take a look.

Adrienne said...

After I hung my picture and did a few other things I decided the couch is ok. It just needs a few more pillows.

Funny how much your love seat looks like my couch - shape wise and all. You did a great job.

I have an electric staple gun. One of my favorite tools next to my palm sander and dremel tool. And I really "heart" my tool belt.