Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lamps and Tassels

I love tassels and I'm always happy when I find a new one. Snagged this perfect match for my lamp at Hancock fabric for only $8.00....

Pretty lamps can make a big difference in your decor but sometimes they can be very pricey. I snagged this one at the same Hancock Fabric (they have some fun home decor items), for the sale price of, are you ready? - $15.00. Actually my hubby picked it out. There was no price on it so I hauled it up to check out to inquire and the gal ran the scanner over it and said, "it's coming up $15.00 (original price $49.99), do you want it?" Ok, well twist my arm. heh

Picture of a sad and lonely lamp without it's tassel. It's a standard 28" lamp and has some very rich detailing on the shade. Details make a difference.
One of the things Nester specializes in is handmade tassels. You may want to check out some of hers. They cost a bit more but they are pretty special. I'm saving up for one...

She also makes some good points on when it's better to buy something rather then to make something. I'll be talking about that in the future when I talk more about saving money.

"Sometimes the simplest way to make something...is to drive to IKEA and buy it ready made for $25. But thanks for all of your ingenious ideas on how to make my own."
"Have you ever sat out to make something only to find it much easier just to purchase?"
Good point, Nester
Visit her at Nesting Place


MightyMom said...

lots of things are better bought...but some things, like homemade bread and cookies just can't be found in a market!

MightyMom said...

of course, then there's boxes of cake mix....which fall somewhere inbetween!