Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Weekend Everyone

Thought for the weekend...

My new kitchen sign mounted over the stove

One of my favorite daylilies, Ed Brown. It will be in full bloom soon. This is a flower from last year. Don't you just love the edge?

More rain on the way. I jumped on my lawn tractor and zipped around mowing before the rain started.

5 Ways to Live Like a Rich Person this Weekend

You don't need to have a lot of money to live like a rich person. Sometimes I think having scads of money is actually a hindrance to enjoying what you already have.

Here are five things that make me feel rich.

  1. Having a timer for my coffee pot so the smell of coffee brewing wakes me up in the morning. I've not had good luck with the the pots that have timers so I have one that plugs into the outlet. It can also be used to turn on your lights at a pre-set time.
  2. Fresh sheets on the bed
  3. Using my nice china. I love pretty china and don't save it for company. I also have found really cool plates at of all places - the Dollar Store. Bright flowers are fun for breakfast. When I was growing up my Mom always used her finest china (Noritake), and her best crystal for our birthday parties (even when we were 6 or 7 years old). My friends and I never broke a thing and today I'm using the same china and crystal.
  4. Using stemmed glasses for orange juice in the morning. Sometimes it's the high end crystal and sometimes it's cool stemware from, you guessed it - the Dollar Store
  5. A vase of flowers, even a small one, makes me feel very, very rich
What Makes You Feel Rich?

From the combox:

Lola has given me my new favorite motto by way of her friend Coco:

"Elegance is the art of refusal"

Lola said... One cure for a love of stuff is to work in a historic house museum.

I did one summer for my undergraduate degree. I Just loved Victorian homes up until I had to catalog each and every piece of linen, pottery, bric a brac and tsotchkes.

I too love many styles. I even love that 50's Retro stuff, modern and such, but don't know if I could live in a home full of it. Something about "modern" style can get depressing. Often the modern art of that era reminds me of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".

I've been trying to be hard nosed about the junk brought in. New or Old. I tend towards loving everything.

But, when I reach for that silver plated tray at the Thrift store along with the Van Nys pottery, I hear my friend Coco saying, "Elegance is the art of refusal". I now tend to put many items back on the shelves.

Thanks Lola!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to tell me what makes you feel rich. I'm always open to new ideas...

Next week we'll be talking about bookcases as I re-do mine. I'm going for calm by covering the books in brown craft paper. I know, I know - waaaaaaay too OCD!!!


Mark in Spokane said...

Thanks for the tips on living like a rich person. What great suggestions! Simplicity is the thing -- simplicity and beauty are not opposed, but instead work together! Real beauty is also simple, I think.

Great new blog, by the way. I see your blogging empire is expanding quite nicely!

Cheers -- and I'm posting a link on my blog to your post here.

Sarah said...

Wow. This is helpful. I like what Mark said. Simplicity is best . . . I deny myself a lot of stuff, but if I really love it, I'll buy it whether it looks good with the rest of my stuff or not. I do not have Hawaiian style per se, but I can easily incorporate some of it. I bought a pupu bowl shaped like a pineapple to keep chocolates in. It's simple, it fits, it was cheap, and I love it.

MightyMom said...

so, Mark,....what you're really saying is....

less is more.


has anyone read Life According to Mr Rogers? (of Mr Roger's Neighborhood fame) In it his wife remembers him saying over and over when writing scripts/planning episodes for his show "simpler is better."

true in all things.

I want money to achieve certain things....our family having more than one car would be a fantastic start....having a house where each kid could have their own room is another...but these things don't make me feel rich.

I feel rich when my son wants to go to work with me rather than have me leave....even though he'll be asleep most of the time I'm gone.

Jennifer said...

My husband telling me he's so lucky to have such a wonderful wife. Makes me feel WONDERFUL!! And I loooovvve the smell of the coffee brewing in the morning. mmmm. I'd also ad white vases. I love them.

Jennifer said...